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Badlapur: After rainfall exceeded the average in just 15 days in the month of September, the temperature was recorded as low this week. Since Thursday morning, hailstorm was felt in all the cities of the Mumbai metropolitan region. While the lowest temperature in the Mumbai metropolitan region was recorded in Badlapur.

So, during the rainy season, it felt like winter. On Thursday midnight and on Friday morning too, it was drizzling.

Due to the changes in the weather, in the last few days, it was seen that there was heavy rain in some places and in some places it was like cloudburst. While this rain is likely to fall even during Navratri festival, the atmosphere is feeling extremely cold for the last two days. The sleet was felt throughout the day on Thursday and early Friday morning. Almost all cities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region recorded an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The lowest recorded was in Badlapur.

what is the reason?

There were clouds in the sky. At the same time, due to lack of wind speed, dark clouds float only 300 to 400 feet above the ground. Due to its humidity, the temperature of cities decreases locally. Meteorologist Abhijit Modak informed that it feels like it will rain, but instead it feels cold.

what’s different? On Thursday, Badlapur recorded the lowest temperature in years at 23.7 degrees Celsius. It was like winter. Mumbai and other cities recorded temperatures below those of Pune and Nashik on Thursday.

Sudden hail..

On Thursday, Nashik’s temperature was recorded at 24.7 degrees Celsius while Pune’s temperature was 28.7 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, Mumbai’s temperature was recorded at just 25.1 degrees Celsius. Hence Mumbai was more humid than Pune, Nashik.



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