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What happened to Rita Isbell’s court video? FindSexyJobs

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RITA Isbell is the sister of Errol Lindsey, who was murdered by the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s new documentary brings the case of Isbell’s brother back to the fore after 30 years.

Rita Isbell yelled at Jeffrey Dahmer during his 1992 trial


Rita Isbell yelled at Jeffrey Dahmer during his 1992 trialCredit: CNN

Who is Rita Isbell?

Rita Isbell has spent the last 30 years coming to terms with her brother’s death, but a new documentary brings back painful memories.

Her brother Errol Lindsey was lured to Jeffrey Dahmer’s home where he was drugged, killed and dismembered.

Isbell sat in court in 1991 and listened as Dahmer claimed he was insane, while his lawyers said he was “out of control” at the time of the murders.

Dahmer was declared sane and fit to stand trial and confessed to killing a total of 17 boys and men over a ten-year period.

Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison in 1992 and was sent to a maximum security prison in Wisconsin.

While there, Dahmer was killed by a fellow inmate while cleaning toilets near the gymnasium.

Dahmer was older than all of his victims when he was killed – all between the ages of 14 and 33.

Isbell told the Orlando Sentinel that in the two years after Dahmer was sent to prison, she received phone calls from men who said they were prisoners and offered their condolences before promising that Dahmer would be “taken care of.”

The last call Isbell received came six months before Dahmer’s death. She told the outlet that the caller said, “You don’t know me.

“I’m up here with Jeffrey Dahmer. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it.”

What happened to Rita Isbell’s court video?

Isbell watched as family members of Dahmer’s victims took to the stand to confront him.

She described them all as having tears in their eyes and heads down, but she refused to do so.

As she approached the booth, she pounced on Dahmer, yelling that she was going to see “what’s out of control.”

Her voice started steady as she said she “never wants to see her mother go through this again” but as she spoke her voice rose to a scream.

“I hate you Jeffrey!” Isbell was screaming in the courtroom as sheriff’s deputies grabbed her and dragged her out of the courtroom.

She continued to scream obscenities and called Dahmer “Satan”.

After she left the courtroom, AP News reported that Isbell said of those who spoke before her, “Everybody just had to sit there and hold it in.”

“What he saw of me… is what Errol would do. The only difference is that Errol would jump over that table.”

The video of the altercation has been viewed 83.6k times on YouTube and is recreated in a new Jeffrey Dahmer documentary that aired on Netflix on September 21, 2022.

The documentary Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story brought back the harsh reality of the trial, capturing the pain and anguish in Isbella’s voice during the 1992 trial.

Isbell plays DaShawn Barnes, who relives the moment with pinpoint accuracy.

Although Isbell has not personally commented on the documentary, one of her family members took to Twitter to express his anger at the Jeffrey Dahmer documentary.

“I’m not telling anyone what to watch, I know the true crime media is huge but if you’re really curious about the victims, my (Isbell’s) family is upset with this show,” the family member wrote.

He said the series was “traumatizing over and over again” and said: “reenacting my cousin’s emotional breakdown in court facing the man who tortured and murdered her brother is WILD.”

He said he refused to watch the show, adding: “My family is not happy. RIP to my cousin Errol Lindsey and all the other victims.”

Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 15 men and young boys over ten years


Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 15 men and young boys over ten yearsCredit: Alamy

Who Was Rita Isbell Errol Lindsey’s Brother?

Errol Lindsey was just 14 years old when he met Jeffrey Dahmer at a Wisconsin mall.

Dahmer lured Lindsey to his home under the pretense of paying him a large sum of money in exchange for nude photos.

Once Lindsey was in his grip, Dahmer drugged him, and when Lindsey was unconscious, he drilled a hole in the top of the skull and poured hydrochloric acid into it.

By this Dahmer intended to induce a permanent and unsustainable state, but Lindsey began to awaken.

During the trial, Dahmer said he then drugged Lindsey a second time, strangled him and dismembered the body.

When he was convicted of murder, necrophilia and dismemberment, Dahmer read a statement accepting responsibility for the murders.

“I take responsibility for what I did,” he told the jury, telling Milwaukee County Judge Laurence Gram that he wanted no leniency when he received his sentence.

He told Gram that when he pleaded insanity, he didn’t want freedom, but instead claimed he wanted to understand why he committed the atrocities.

“I wanted to find out what made me so mean and evil,” he said. “The doctors told me about my illness and now I am at peace.

He continued: “I feel so bad for what I have done to those poor families and I understand their justified hatred.

“I saw their tears and if I could give my life right now to bring their loved ones back, I would.

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“I hope God has forgiven me. I know society will never be able to forgive me. I know the families of the victims will never be able to forgive me for what I did.”

When Dahmer was killed in prison in 1994, Isbell told The New York Times, “I wouldn’t say I wanted it to happen this way. But Jeffrey tore my family apart.”


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