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Amy Schneider is the first trans person to win Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions. (Twitter/Jeopardy!)

Threat! powerful Amy Schneider won the Tournament of Champions, becoming the first openly trans contestant to compete and take home the $250,000 top prize.

Schneider became the Super Champion and secured a spot in the tournament after a historic 40-game winning streak which ended in January.

In her initial run on the show, she achieved the second-longest streak in history and became the first woman to win more than $1 million, eventually taking home $1.4 million.

Entering the final episode of the Tournament of Champions on Monday (November 21), Schneider was tied with competitor Andrew Hee as they both secured two wins each, while third-place finisher Sam Buttrey had one win.

However, in the best-of-three final, Schneider was the first competitor to achieve three wins, with On managing two wins and Buttrey securing one.

Schneider was named champion after correctly guessing that “What is ‘Our American Cousin?'” was the answer to the clue: “12. January 1864 Washington Vespers reported the performance of this ‘thrilling comedy’ to a ‘full and delighted house’.”

The former software engineer, 43, said she felt “amazing” after the big win.

“Earlier in the final, I had this sudden moment where I saw myself and thought, ‘I’m on the podium in the final of the Tournament of Champions,’ and it was crazy. And I won! It feels great,” she said.

After winning, Schneider said she owed “so many so many people”, especially thanking her wife, Genevieve, who she got married in a private ceremony this May.

“I can’t find enough ways to say how lucky I am that the most amazing woman in the world chose to spend her life with me,” she wrote, leaving fans misty-eyed. “I love you Genevieve and I could never have done it without you.

Ever since she won the heart with her massive Threat! Last year’s success saw Amy Schneider use her new platform to speak out against the growing hostility that trans people face in the US today.

Just last week, she testified against the bill this would prevent trans youth in Ohio from accessing essential health care such as hormone therapy.

At a legislative hearing on the bill on Wednesday, Nov. 16, she warned that preventing trans youth from accessing such services would be dangerous.

“It is so important that LGBTQ+ Ohioans and those who love them fight to protect the children whose health and safety would be put at risk by this misguided legislation,” she said.

Back in April, Schneider delivered a press conference at the White House, in which she criticized the growing amount of “scary” anti-trans legislation currently being pushed in the US.

“Some of the [the bills] specifically, they deny medical services to trans youth — these are life-saving medical procedures, and these bills will cause children to die,” she said.

“That’s really sad and really scary to me.”


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