Home World News This Irish radio caller's hilarious hypnotized hen problem has gone deservedly viral...

This Irish radio caller’s hilarious hypnotized hen problem has gone deservedly viral again FindSexyJobs

FSJ News Updates,

Oonagh Keating. Updated September 23, 2022

The late and much-missed BBC Radio Ulster presenter Gerry Anderson, who also presented the short-lived Anderson Country on BBC Radio 4, had a unique style.

In one legendary encounter, he took a call from a man struggling with the results of the old chalk-line chicken hypnosis trick—and let it go on a rollercoaster ride of emotion and hilarity.

It inspired the animators Flickerpix animation listing her as one of them On The Air with Gerry Anderson episodes. Look. You won’t be disappointed.

Not a second is wasted – comedy gold from start to finish.

The hilarious video found its way onto Twitter and Paul O’Kane summed up the experience.

The post has two million views and over eight thousand shares – and it really brightens people’s days.

We understand, Dan. We get it.

You can – and should – watch more episodes of On The Air with Gerry Anderson here.

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How to hypnotize a chicken – and how not to hypnotize it

Source H/T Flickerpix Paul O’Kane Screenshot of the screen



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