The man who paid £17,000 in stamp duty last year has never voted Tory again FindSexyJobs


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The man who paid seventeen thousand in stamp duty last year will never vote Tory again, he has confirmed.

Julian Cook paid the sum when he bought his house last year, only to find that “Liz twatting Truss and her crazy growth freaks” had slashed it to virtually nothing.

He said, “Let me give you a picture. You have £17,000 in your hand. The government will download it for you and then announce that it’s free. Still mad?

“You know what I could have done with that money? First, when my fixed-rate contract expires in 2023, I wasn’t on the hook.

“I know it’s petty and selfish and ignorant of wider societal issues, but I’m a Tory voter. That’s who we are and what we’re good at.

“I didn’t mind the pandemic stamp duty.” But to tell me it’s 17k per ticket and then open the door to every bastard? I’d rather vote for Starmer.’

He added: “Oh, and now I’m apparently a top rate taxpayer. Well, I don’t feel bloody rich.”


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