Thane: Cheering of Shiv Sainiks in front of Anandashram FindSexyJobs


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Thackeray group from Thane celebrated by distributing firecrackers and sweets near late Shiv Sena leader Anand Dighe’s Anand Ashram in Tembhinaka as Bombay High Court gave permission for Shiv Sena’s Dussehra rally. Before the jubilation, Shiv Sena’s Thane District Chief Kedar Dighe went to Anand Ashram and offered a wreath to the image of Anand Dighe.

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The Thackeray group had approached the High Court for Dussehra gathering at Shivaji Park. On Friday, the High Court gave permission to the Shiv Sena for its Dussehra gathering, giving a shock to the Shinde group. In Thane, Thackeray and Shinde factions are not at loggerheads at present. For the past few months, the Shinde group has taken control of Anand Ashram. After the verdict of the Bombay High Court, the Thackeray group celebrated in Anand Ashram. Kedar Dighe had also gone to Anand Ashram before this jubilation. Dighe said that this is the victory of truth.


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