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Taking a serious note of the incident of infiltration of drones into the laboratory area of ​​the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) after the Combat Army Aviation School, Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknavare has directed all the drone owners and operators in the city to immediately deposit their drones at the local police station. If the concerned wants to shoot with drones, they have to get written permission first. After showing this permission, the drone will be available from the police station. Filming will also be done under police supervision. After the photography, the drones have to be deposited again in the concerned police station.

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Five months ago, the city police declared various 16 sensitive places like military installations, currency printing presses, Maharashtra Police Prabodhini as ‘No Drone Fly Zone’ for safety reasons. The flying and use of drones, paragliders, paramotors, hot air balloons, light weight aircraft or similar aerial devices within a radius of two kilometers of this area is prohibited without the prior permission of the Commissioner of Police. However, drones are being flown without any permission, recently it came to light due to intrusion of drones in the laboratory area of ​​Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). A month ago, a drone had infiltrated the airspace of the Military Air Training Center (Combat Army Aviation School or CATS) at Gandhinagar at night. After the suspected drone entered the territory of the cats, the security officials were alerted and prepared to destroy it. However, suspicions were raised as they disappeared earlier. Doubts were expressed about whether the cats were monitored by drones. While that case was not solved, a similar incident happened again in DRDO’s laboratory area at 10th Mile near Ozar. Around 8 pm, someone flew a drone in the restricted area near the DRDO wall. A zone of 500 meters along the protective wall is completely restricted. The drone was flown without any permission. A case has been registered in Adgaon police station in this case. The suspected drone has not been located.

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There are no statistics on how many drone owners there are in the city. Drones being flown without permission are becoming a headache for the police. After a meeting of senior police and army officials in this regard, a strict decision was taken on the issue of drones. Incidents of unauthorized drone flights have raised concerns about the security of important military installations. These incidents are serious and therefore the possibility of serious crime in future cannot be ruled out. Police Commissioner Naiknaware has said that preventive measures have been taken to prevent any kind of fatal act or crime in future due to illegal flight.

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What is the order?

  • Drone operators, owners, and operators in the city should immediately report their drones to the local police station in the area where they live or do business.
  • Permission from Police Commissionerate mandatory for drone photography
  • The drone will be obtained from the police station after submission of written permission
  • The shooting of the program will have to be done under the supervision of a policeman
  • After photographing, the drone must be returned to the police station
  • Military installations are not restricted from owning drones, only requiring police stations to be notified of flights in airspace


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