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Aurangabad : Sources said that the Union Ministers are on a tour to restructure the 16 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state and in the meeting of Bhupendra Yadav in Aurangabad, the working style of MIM MPs, the votes received by MIM were discussed. He tried to strengthen the formula of ‘beneficiary voters’ in the district.

Yadav, who analyzed MIM’s politics, however avoided talking about the division of Hindu votes in the press conference. People are looking at BJP’s work culturally as well as on development issues, so they will not give priority to anyone else. BJP, Shiv Sena, MNS and Eknath Shinde’s group have all started to play the role of Hinduism. However, he refrained from talking much about it. Voters will choose BJP on the basis of service and cultural nationalist strength. This is a nationwide picture. As Maharashtra is also coming to India, there will be no changes here,’ he said.

Article 370 or NCP has differences with Congress in various objectives of cultural creation. Bhupendra Yadav said that there is no possibility of friendship with him. If you say that a leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP has a wave in elections, Congress has no leadership, then why prepare for elections one and a half years in advance? In response to this question, BJP Vice President Bhupendra Yadav said that we have been doing politics for five years. Organizationally ready constantly. He also said that there will be tours in Aurangabad in the coming time.


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