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Pune : A new dispute is likely to start over the shrine in Shaniwar Wada area of ​​Pune. Anand Dave of the Hindu Mahasabha has demanded that the unauthorized dargah be removed from the Shaniwar Wada premises. After this demand of Anand Dave, a new controversy has arisen. A small dargah has come up in the last few years near the main gate (Delhi Darwaza) of Shaniwar Wada, even in the courtyard of the palace. There is no mention of any such dargah in the history of Shaniwar Wada and it is not possible for it to exist. Dave has claimed that if we look at this construction, it looks like the work of tiles was done about 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, since the said palace comes under the jurisdiction of the Archeology Department, it is unlikely that they will or will be able to give permission for any such construction. Due to this, the Hindu Mahasabha has demanded that the small structure like this dargah should be demolished. In the future, the security and beauty of the palace may be disturbed by encroachment and the importance of the Hindu Empire’s architecture may also decrease.

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We have given the said statement to Archeology Department and Encroachment Department. Also, if Syed Banda can be buried, why not our lives? Dave has also asked this question. On the other hand, there is no mention of any such Pir Baba coming to Pune in the year 1233. From Shaniwar Wada Bhoomi Pooja to Vastu and history of every incident here is available. Dave has also claimed that this temple is not mentioned anywhere. Therefore, there is a possibility that a new controversy will arise over this shrine in Pune.

In Pune on May 22, MNS President Raj Thackeray’s meeting in Pune, MNS General Secretary Ajay Shinde had made a statement that mosques have now been built in place of Puneeshwar and Narayaneshwar temples in Pune. There was a big controversy over it. Now once again there are signs of heating up the atmosphere in Pune due to the claim of Hindu Mahasabha.

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