rang majha vegla, rang majha araad: the moment the audience was waiting for has arrived, a new twist in the serial – marathi serial rang majha vegla reshma shinde as deepa and aashutosh gokhale as kartik will be together FindSexyJobs


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Mumbai :In the serial Rang Maja Utara, the court scene begins for several days. Ayesha was constantly putting Deepika in trouble as Kartik wanted Deepika’s custody forever. High voltage drama unfolded in the court as well. Karthik fights on Deepa’s side after the lawyers make accusations against Deepa’s character.

The result was different. Currently a video is going viral. It belongs to the next section. In it, the court has asked Deepa, Karthik and both the girls to live together. Deepa gets ready for this. So is Karthik. But after knowing this, Ayesha shouts at Kartik. She says, it means you still have Deepa in your heart.

Why is Kushal Badrike saying that we are still in the egg?

Here Soundarya and Kartik’s father are happy. This is what they wanted. And so is the audience. Now the audience is waiting for Karthik to know that these two girls are his. But now the next part will be colorful, that’s for sure.

Ganapati was at Deepa’s house. Both the girls answer the question of who will do the pooja. They say mom and dad. Now Deepa-Karthik have no other option. To keep the girls happy Ka Hoin both get ready for pooja. When she comes to know that Ayesha has come there, she makes a big fuss. Karthik explains to her.

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The raincoat scene in the series was also famous. Kartiki and Deepika are trying to adjust in a raincoat outside the school. Just then Karthik’s car comes there. Seeing this condition of the girls, he gives Deepika a new raincoat. In the second scene, Deepa says to Deepika, I will bring you a new raincoat. But Deepa says no. She takes out the raincoat kept under the pillow and hands it to her mother.

It was said that those who speak Malvani language have no value outside Namrata Pawaskar



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