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The New Hampshire Democratic Party has been ordered to cease and desist from sending erroneous letters to state residents urging them to register for absentee ballots, which prosecutors say “causes voter confusion and frustration.”

The announcement by the New Hampshire attorney general’s office on Friday comes about seven weeks before the general election, with the U.S. Senate race drawing national attention among the contests.

Mailing errors affecting 926 voters at 39 locations across New Hampshire included incorrectly telling voters they had “requested an absentee ballot in the past,” referenced polling boards that don’t exist, and included incorrect addresses, officials said. .

“An NHDP sender with incorrect return email addresses and voter domicile information is causing voter confusion and frustration,” and could lead voters to inadvertently violate election law or request absentee ballots that never arrive, the attorney general’s office said in a statement .

The candidates were hoping to secure their parties’ nominations in Tuesday’s primary election.

The matter “was an unfortunate clerical error made by a mail carrier with the intention of ensuring that everyone in the Granite State could cast their vote in this year’s general election,” New Hampshire Democratic Party Executive Director Troy Price said in a statement to NBC10 Boston.

He said the party is working with the attorney general’s office to rectify the situation by contacting affected voters “and we expect this issue to be resolved soon.”

The party’s plan for how to contact and help affected voters is expected to be released on Tuesday, state officials said. Election officials will be instructed to accept applications for absentee ballots sent to the wrong location, even though they have limited resources to work with.

A representative for the state Democrats noted that the stop order only applies to absent mailers with incorrect information.



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