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Mumbai, Pune : Due to the dry weather, maximum day temperatures have increased in Mumbai and Konkan region and elsewhere in the state, and the winter season, i.e. November, has started to experience the scorching heat of October.

Mumbai, Konkan division, Vidarbha, Madhya Maharashtra and some parts of Marathwada are recording a large increase in maximum temperature compared to the average. The night minimum temperature, however, is still below average and cool. However, there is a possibility of ups and downs in that too. The rise in maximum day temperature will continue for another four to five days.

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The state had rainy conditions till the last week of October. The atmospheric system of ‘October heat’ disappeared this year as the daytime temperature did not increase due to cloudy weather. In the last week of October, most of the areas experienced a drop in the night temperature. But November started with dry weather conditions. Due to this, the maximum temperature of the day started to increase. The minimum night temperature is currently 1-2 degrees below average everywhere. So the night is cold. Aurangabad, Pune, Nashik and other parts are recording the lowest temperature in the state. On the other hand, the maximum day temperature is increasing.

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Dahanoot high..

The maximum day temperature has increased by 1.5 to 2.5 degrees over the average and crossed 35 degrees Celsius across the entire Konkan region including Mumbai. On Friday, the highest temperature in the state was recorded at Dahanu at 35.9 degrees. Maximum temperature was recorded in Mumbai at 35.0 degrees, Santacruz at 35.8 degrees and Ratnagiri at 35.4 degrees.

In the next few days..

At present, in the areas where the sky is clear at night, the heat of the day goes to the atmosphere without hindrance, and the minimum temperature is decreasing. However, during the next few days due to the effects of southerly Monsoon rains, partly cloudy conditions during the day and night may result in a fall in day temperature and rise in night temperature.

what is the reason?

The northern states are yet to experience severe cold. Winds from there are ineffective. It is influenced by the monsoon winds that blow from the northeast to the south. In this condition, the state has dry weather and clear skies. The maximum temperature is increasing as the sun’s rays reach the ground without hindrance.



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