Meeting in two days on compensation of Shilpata affected farmers; Assembly Vice President Narahari Jhirwal’s assurance FindSexyJobs


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Dombivli: A meeting will be held at the government level in the next two days on the issue of compensation to the farmers affected by the Kalyan-Shilphata road. The Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Narahari Zirawal, assured that the meeting will discuss compensation to the farmers after visiting the indefinite sit-in of the affected farmers on Thursday. Today is the fourth day of the agitation.
Farmers in eight villages adjacent to Shilphata Road from Patripool to Daighar have not received any compensation from the government even though they have acquired land in Shilphata Road. During the last 35 years, the government has done widening and resurfacing of Shilphata road many times. The local farmers never took an obstructionist role as they did not want to obstruct the public works.

Now, while constructing a six-lane road, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation has again started taking the land of the farmers, the farmers affected by the Shilphata road have strongly opposed it. The affected farmers’ association warned that the protest will continue until the government issues an ordinance and announces compensation to the affected farmers. Patil has given. The government has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Thane Collector on the issue of compensation. Convenor Gajanan Patil said that the matter is lingering as the local land organization is not providing information about land acquisition to this committee.

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As soon as the information about the farmers’ protest came to light, Assembly Vice President Narahari Jirwal, NCP’s Sudhir Patil visited the dharna protest site. Listened to the farmers. After that, Vice President Ziraval will hold a government level meeting on this issue in the next two days. Farmers participating in the protest were assured that a decision will be taken in the interests of the farmers from that meeting. Pramod Patil also participated in this movement and will continue to support the affected farmers until the local affected farmers get compensation.

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We are going to present this issue in front of Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister. If the government does not take an immediate decision regarding compensation to the farmers affected by Shilpata, we will raise this issue in the coming session. Pramod Patil said.
Ignoring the protest of the farmers, if any minister is being taken from the Shilpata road every day, the farmers have taken the decision to protest by showing black flags.



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