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From articles on CV writing and interview preparation to a clear selection of graduate programs at some of Ireland’s top companies, The Irish Times’ Grad Week special has everything you need to know if you’re a recent graduate or in your final year at university.

There have never been more people at work. Employers are clamoring for employees, and the current crop of graduates has more opportunities than ever before.

Popular Postgraduate Programs: A selection of graduate programs aimed at attracting the best and brightest talent from Irish universities.

How distance education provided graduates with skills for future careers: In March 2020, Ireland was about to go into lockdown and universities, colleges and schools were forced to move their education to a largely unknown online format. We look at how the students learned from this experience.

How graduates can write an excellent cover letter to land their dream job: Writing a good cover letter is one of the first tests you will face as a graduate, and it can be difficult for students with little or no workplace experience.

What do graduates want from employers? “I don’t have a dream job. I don’t dream about work.” The origin of this quote is disputed and somewhat lost in time, but it encapsulates much about our often conflicting attitudes toward work. Do we live to work, or do we work to live?

What skills are employers looking for in their employees? What do employers want? They want the same thing we all want: the best – in this case, the worker – at the lowest possible price. It is this mismatch between wanting a great worker and trying to keep costs down that can sometimes cause friction.

Getting Interviewed: So you’ve sent out your resume to dozens of companies. It sits on the hiring manager’s desk along with dozens of resumes from other applicants.

You’ve just been accepted – should you go to the office? Very few graduates imagined starting their careers from their bedroom, communicating with colleagues via email and overly tedious Zoom calls.

Finding a job the proven way: Graduating from college and jumping into the world of work can be daunting. But there have been thousands of new job seekers before you, and there are proven ways to land your first graduate job.

How to succeed in a new job: Starting a new position can be daunting. We speak to some recruitment experts to find out how to thrive from day one


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