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Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio. (Google Maps)

Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio is the latest US hospital to be targeted by threats for providing vital health care to trans youth.

It comes after it became “the center of some online chatter which is full of misinformation about the care we provide”, a hospital spokesman said.

They said News 5 Cleveland a hospital was forced to remove a gender-affirming care section on its website after social media users flooded the facility with “harassment, intimidation and the deliberate spread of misinformation”.

“We strongly believe that young people should have access to gender-affirming care programs that are based on research and standards of care. We proudly stand behind the work of our program and providers.

“We remain committed to offering a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for all patients, families and staff.”

In most countries, hormones to support transition can be prescribed when a child turns 16 or 18, but gender confirmation surgery is restricted to adults over 18.

It was a news story about a hospital providing gender-affirming care, shared by right-wing social media accounts — including the Libs of TikTok — that reportedly led to an online attack on the provider.

A social media account recently targeted Boston Children’s Hospital, leading to a bomb threat and the hospital being forced to close. After this incident, Catherine Leavy, 37, he was charged with making a false bomb threat.

Libs of TiKTok refuse to stop calling hospitals for trans health care

Recently, several anti-trans activists gathered outside Boston Children’s Hospital to protest that it provides gender-affirming care.

The owner of the hate-fueled account Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik, said The Washington Post her team “100 percent condemns any acts/threats of violence.”

Raichik later wrote on her page that she would not stop calling hospitals and sharing their information, even though her account was suspended.

The attack follows Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson likening gender-affirming health care to a “crime.”

Carlson, who has a long history of making chilling anti-LGBTQ+ comments, spewed hate on trans-affirming health care during a long segment on his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson tonight.

During the show, he rallied against the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in Tennessee, leading to it receiving an outpouring of hate.

In August of this year, Libs of TikTok were briefly banned from Facebook for not following the platform’s “community standards”.

PinkNews has contacted Chaya Raichik and Akron Children’s Hospital for comment.


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