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Priyanka Vartak | Maharashtra Times | Updated: 16 Nov 2022, 11:58 am

LONDON: A legal battle over multi-billion dollar assets between the Hinduja brothers, part of the long-standing Adarsh ​​joint family, has finally ended. Everyone has wondered how cracks started to appear in such a united family. According to sources, the root cause of the dispute is the transfer of ownership to the third generation of the Hinduja family in recent years. Be it GOCL Corp or Ashok Leyland, now family men have come forward to play a bigger role. While among the girls, only Srichand Hinduja’s daughters are making their career in the business group. From the outside, the Hinduja group appears to be largely controlled by the second generation of the family – Srichand Hinduja (84 years), Gopichand Hinduja (80 years), Prakash Hinduja (75 years) and Ashok Hinduja (70 years). But the fact remains that Ashok Leyland, GOCL Corporation formerly Gulf Oil and Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) – all three major family businesses – are third-party owned.

Hinduja brothers end family dispute heres a look at the clans top businesses
Wealth conflict in Hinduja family; How the wealth conflict between brothers started, who does what in the family, know everything

How the dispute unfolded

The family property dispute between the Hinduja brothers came to a head when Srichand Hinduja’s daughter Veenu appealed to the High Court of England to gain control of her family’s Hinduja Bank of Switzerland. He said that the control of his family should be given to Hinduja Bank. His father is chairman emeritus and his elder sister Sanu is chairman in this bank. Sanu’s son Karam Hinduja has become the CEO of the bank a few days ago. Notably, Hinduja Bank is a small bank in Switzerland with assets of around Rs 2,744 crore. This bank also has 5 percent stake in Ashok Leyland.

What is the property of Hinduja?

The real controversy started with a July 2014 letter signed by the Hinduja brothers. “Whatever property is in the name of any brother, it belongs to all the four brothers”, the letter said. According to Forbes, the net worth of the Hinduja family is around $15 billion. The Hinduja family is the richest family in Britain with a fortune of $15.2 billion. The business of this group of companies is spread across 38 countries. The Hinduja Group was founded in 1914 by Srichand Parmanand from the Sindh province of British India. The Hinduja Group was once a commodity trading firm, but Srichand and his brothers steadily expanded their business into other sectors.

Division of work for each brother

According to the Hinduja Group website, each brother has been given responsibility for different businesses. Srichand Hinduja is the chairman of the entire group apart from Hinduja Bank and is also the chairman of the CSR arm of the Hinduja Foundation. He started IndusInd Bank with some NRIs. Srichand Hinduja has dementia. In this disease, people become mentally weak and their memory starts to decline.

Division of work for each brother

Gopichand is the Co-Chairman of Hinduja Group and Chairman of Hinduja Automotive Limited, UK. These two brothers do not live in London. It is Gopichand who has played a major role in transforming the company into a multi-billion dollar multinational conglomerate with operations in India and the Gulf. Gulf Oil and Ashok Leyland were acquired under his leadership in the eighties. The third brother, Prakash Hinduja, is the chairman of the Hinduja Group in Europe. He was initially based in Tehran, Iran, then moved to Switzerland to handle the group’s European business while involved in the family business. After 2008, he settled in Monaco.

Third generation in business

Srichand Hinduja has two daughters Binu and Sanu. Shanu is the Chairman of Hinduja Foundation US and Co-Chairman of Hinduja Global Solutions Inc. While Binu, is the Director of Hinduja Ventures Limited and Director of Hinduja Group India Limited and GOCL Corporation. Gopichand Hinduja has two sons – Sanjay and Dheeraj and a daughter – Rita. Sanjay is Chairman Emeritus of GOCL Corporation and Dheeraj is Chairman of Ashok Leyland. Prakash Hinduja has two children Ajay and Ramakrishna and Renuka. Ajay is the Chairman of GOCL Corporation and Ramakrishna is the Vice Chairman.

Third generation in business

Ashok Hinduja also has two daughters Ambika and Satya and a son Shome. Som joined Hinduja Group in 2014 after working as an Associate at KPMG. He is now the Chairman of Hinduja Group’s Alternative Energy and Sustainable Initiatives. Ashok Hinduja’s daughter Ambika is a film producer in Bollywood and another daughter Satya is a DJ and music producer.

Division of work for each brother

Ashok Hinduja, the youngest brother, is the chairman of the Hinduja Group in India. He lives in Mumbai. In terms of work, their role is greater than that of their other brothers. He joined the group’s business in India at a very young age. He is also the Chairman of IIHL, which is the promoting company of IndusInd Bank. He is also the chairman of the group’s media and entertainment group Nxt Digital Limited and Hinduja National Power Corporation. He is also Chairman Emeritus of BPO company Hinduja Global Solutions.



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