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GMB union members vote to accept the council’s pay offer FindSexyJobs

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Members of the GMB union in Scottish councils have accepted a pay offer following strike action by waste workers.

Waste workers in Edinburgh went to the top of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and left rubbish piling up on the street.

Staff in other council areas, including Glasgow, also downed tools, with non-teaching school staff threatening to strike before Unite, Unison and GMB agreed a new deal for members.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon personally intervened in the talks, calling a meeting that lasted more than eight hours before council chiefs made a new staff offer the following day.

About 81% of respondents voted in favor of the deal, GMB said.

The deal will see a flat increase of £1,900 for staff earning less than £39,000 a year, retroactive to 1 April.

Scottish union organizer Keir Greenaway said: “Our members have accepted the offer negotiated by the unions and the First Minister by a clear majority.

“We are now calling on councils to ensure that this consolidated increase is factored into members’ pay and conditions as soon as possible as the cost of living crisis is not over.”

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But the union leader said the end of the dispute should be “a point of reflection, not a relief” for politicians.

“Tens of thousands of low-paid workers have been left waiting months to be moved for a decent wage offer in the grip of soaring inflation and eye-watering energy bills. This is unacceptable and cannot happen again next year.

“GMB is clear that after years of cuts in pay and services, this must be the start of the story in the fight for the right value of our key workers, as this period of intense economic pressure will last for years, not months.

“Most importantly, we want to pay tribute to our members. The strike is not easy, but through sacrifice and solidarity they have secured significantly better pay rises to help face the winter months of this cost of living crisis.


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