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New Delhi: Gmail Users : Millions of people around the world use Gmail for various tasks. Hence hackers have also become very active on Gmail along with other online platforms. Hackers are stealing Gmail data and scamming through phishing websites and spam. If you are also using Gmail, this information will be important for you. Today we are going to give you some Gmail related tips, with the help of which you can easily stop spam emails and also stay safe from online scams.

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Use the filter for spam email:

You can also use Gmail filters to detect and remove spam emails. For this you have to go to the search box of Gmail and type unsubscribe. After this, Gmail will show a complete list of all unsubscribed and spam mails on your screen. You have to select all these emails and click on three dots (plus) and select filter messages as this option. In this, you get several options including the option to delete spam emails automatically. But. Check this list once, so that your important and important emails are not deleted.

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Use two email IDs:

The easiest way to avoid online fraud is to use two different email IDs. Which can be primary and secondary email id. That is, you can use the secondary email id when you visit online shopping, ticket booking or any other website. Primary email can be used for smartphone, bank and official work. With this you will be able to protect your primary email to a great extent from online spam and also be safe from fraud.

Unsubscribe from email:

You may unsubscribe from frequent and unnecessary website emails. So that you will not receive emails from this account in future. To unsubscribe from an email, you need to select the spam email and then click on Report Spam and Unsubscribe option next to Delete. After this you will stop receiving emails from that email id.

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