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A grandfather who claimed he lit a flare to show his autistic grandson how it works has been banned from football matches for 12 months.

Archibald Smith, 58, set off fireworks near Celtic Park ahead of an Old Firm game on 2 February 2022.

The Hoops were due to host bitter rivals Rangers in an evening Scottish Premiership fixture.

Smith, of Glasgow’s Carntyne, had earlier tried to stomp on the flare to put it out when he was caught by police.

However, Sheriff Lindsay Wood told him at the hearing that his excuse for committing the crime was “a load of nonsense”.

Smith pleaded guilty to reckless conduct at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court heard it was 7pm when Smith was surrounded by around 100 people in Springfield Road.

Prosecutor Heather Naismith said: “Police saw Smith holding a green pyrotechnic device [and] then light the flare.

“As he raised the flare to shoulder level, a plume of green smoke came out of the device.

“The police approached him and he then dropped the flare on the floor and tried to put it out by stomping on it.

Smith was later arrested and missed the match, which Celtic won 3–0.

Smith’s lawyer told an earlier hearing that he had gone to the game with his 13-year-old grandson when an unknown man handed him a flare.

Marc Waters added: “His grandson was diagnosed with autism and he took it from him to show what the flare does.”

Sheriff Wood replied, “That’s a lot of nonsense.”

Smith later admitted that he was “caught up in the occasion”.


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