FIFA World Cup : In the very first match, the host Qatar lost badly, Ecuador won the opening – ecuador beat host Qatar by 2-0 in 1st match of fifa world cup 2022, ener valencia scored two goals FindSexyJobs


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Authored by prasad lad | Maharashtra Times | Updated: 20 Nov 2022, 11:44 pm

FIFA World Cup: In the very first match of the World Cup, the host Qatar suffered a big shock. Because in the first match they were defeated by Ecuador 2-0. Both these goals were scored by Ener Valencia of Ecuador. Both these goals came in the first session and that’s where Ecuador laid the foundation for victory. So they did not have to work hard to win this match.FIFA World Cup: In the very first match host Qatar lost badly, Ecuador opened with victory.

Qatar World Cup 2022 (2)
Al Bayt Stadium: In the very first match of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the host Qatar was badly defeated. In the first match, Ecuador won 2-0 against Qatar.

Qatar World Cup 2022


The Ecuadorian team started attacking strongly from the beginning of the match. But in the first 15 minutes of the match, their efforts were not successful. One by one, Ecuador attacked. But their attack was stifled by the Qatari defenders. But after the 15th minute of the match, the picture changed. Because in the 16th minute of the match, Ecuador had a golden opportunity to score. Because Ecuador got a penalty this time and Ener Valencia of Ecuador scored the first goal for his team on this penalty. This was the first goal of this World Cup. After scoring the first goal, Ecuador had a big celebration. But in this celebration, he did not let his grip on the match loose.

Qatar World Cup 2022


After scoring the first goal, Ecuador increased its attack. Because after the first goal, their morale was extremely high. So the Ecuadorian team was dreaming of scoring another goal in the next few minutes. But on the other hand Qatar team was also attacking and trying to equalize the goal. But they did not succeed in these efforts. Because they didn’t pay much attention to their defense while attacking and that’s what the Ecuadorian team spied on. The Ecuadorian team kept the Qatari players on their toes for a while and then made a big move. While Qatar’s team was eager to attack, Ecuador’s team brought more edge to the attack and this time they managed to score the second goal. Once again, Valencia gave Ecuador a win. It was Valencia’s second goal of the match, his quickness of play was on display this time. Because when he got close to Qatar’s goal post, he clearly showed his intention to score and was successful in doing so.

In the first session of the match, Ecuador gave two shocks to Qatar. The first goal was scored in the 16th minute and the second goal was scored 15 minutes later i.e. in the 31st minute. Therefore, Ecuador had laid the foundation for victory in the first session itself. In the second session, however, Ecuador played cautiously and took care not to score against them.

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