Dombivli: Son reaches Thakurli railway station in anger as mother screams The son reached Thakurli railway station in anger because of his mother screams amy 95 FindSexyJobs


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A 12-year-old boy from Thakurli near Dombivli, who was angry because his mother shouted at him from studying, walked directly to Thakurli railway station on a 90-foot road without knowing the outside roads and lanes. The boy did not go to private tutoring classes. As he did not come home in time, the frightened parents reached the Tilaknagar police station. The police immediately launched an investigation and detained the boy from Thakurli railway station through CCTV cameras. This incident happened on Thursday.

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A 12-year-old boy living in a middle-class society on Thakurli 90 feet road sat sulking at home on Thursday morning as his mother got angry after studying. When it was time for private tutoring, the boy threw his notebook at Kakhoti and left home at 10 am in a fit of rage. He did not go to teaching. The mother was under the illusion that he would come home as usual after his studies. Ain contacted the tutoring class as the boy used to come home as usual, even when it was school time, he did not come. She realized that the boy had not come to study. After that, the frightened mother contacted the boy’s friends and asked where he was seen. He inquired as to where he had gone. But no one could say anything. The child’s mother is disturbed by the thought that we yelled at the child in the morning so that he does something out of anger. As the boy could not be found even after searching the area, the boy’s mother directly reached the Tilaknagar police station. There the incident was told to Senior Police Inspector Ajay Afhale. Afale immediately formed a police team and ordered to check the CCTV of the area from the house where the boy was staying. While the police teams were watching the CCTV in the area, they realized that the boy was walking towards the Thakurli railway station along the 90 feet road in two to three footages.

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While the police were searching for the boy in the Thakurli area, the police reached the Thakurli railway station at 2:30 in the afternoon. They saw the boy seen in the CCTV sitting on the bench. Instead of going directly to the boy, the police sat next to him as a passenger. baby where are you from where is going Gained the boy’s trust by saying where is your train ticket. This time the boy answered with his understanding. The police brought the child to the Tilaknagar police station with a sweet rose. He drank water. Asked for food. After realizing that the policeman is the police uncle, the boy replied to Senior Inspector Affle that he left the house in anger because his mother shouted at him in the morning. Then, Afele did not want to do anything like that to the baby. By saying this, the child understood. The police contacted the boy’s mother when they saw that his anger had subsided. As soon as the terrified mother came to the police station, she saw the child and hugged her tightly. At this time the atmosphere was emotional. The boy was warned by the police not to do anything like that again. The parents praised the police for getting the son due to the quick action of the police.


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