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In an apparent attempt to get their child in for free, a Disney World couple was spotted posing as a baby in a stroller for their school-age child.

The video has sparked debate and conflicting opinions. While some called it “genius”, others were less impressed with the hoax.

In the video, a Disney World employee checks the inside of the stroller, decides nothing is wrong, and lets the family through. As a result, the “kid” is apparently getting in for free.

After successfully entering Disney World, the mother lifts the child from the stroller to her feet.

Then he takes a blanket to cover the child’s legs, folds it and continues to the park. The video currently has over seven million views and over 800,000 likes on TikTok.

The current price of admission for an adult at Disney World is $109 – meanwhile, admission for a child is $104.

However, children under the age of three are admitted to Disney World for free.

Some Twitter users downplayed the video, saying “things like this happen every day”, while others complained that such an act could raise prices for everyone else and could also lead to a ban on strollers in the park.

Additionally, Twitter users lamented the video, saying “Anything for tiktok!”


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