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The SNP councilor said workers “don’t have to go on strike if Scotland is independent”.

Activist Graham Campbell spoke to crowds gathered around the steps of the Royal Concert Hall as thousands of university staff walked out in a second day of protest action.

They rallied in the city center on Friday to demand “fair pay” as the union said they felt “absolutely burnt out” and worried about how to pay their bills.

Glasgow Times:

It comes as the University and College Union (UCU) claimed the cuts cost members 35% of their expected pension.

Campbell appeared as a last-minute speaker at the demonstration, telling staff they could “bet their bottom dollar” things would be drastically different if Scotland left the union.

He argued that “we wouldn’t have to be standing here” if Scotland had not been “denied” the ability to “make decisions for itself”.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “It is a clear case that all striking workers should not have to pay the price of austerity measures.

“It wasn’t our fault – the bankers did it, the energy giants did it, the Tories did it with their disastrous government in London.”

“We have been told this week that as a nation we have no right for the people of Scotland to call our own referendum.

“To have those powers in our own hands, in our own parliament, to make those decisions for ourselves — you can bet your bottom dollar, if we had those powers, we wouldn’t have to be standing here, we wouldn’t have workers on strike.

“We wouldn’t have to because we would have to pay settlements and economic measures to make the rich pay their share.

“That is what we would have in a free truly independent social democratic Scotland that respects the environment.

“This is the future we want but are being denied, it’s all connected.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Around 8,000 lecturers, librarians and researchers who are members of the University and College Union (UCU) continued their 48-hour walkout over their pay, pensions and conditions on Friday.

The UCU said many of its members are employed on precarious contracts that do not give them enough time to mark or support students.

Unison representatives said they had been forced to negotiate permanent home-working contracts for staff because they could not afford petrol to travel to campuses.

Other members say they are struggling to cover rent or pay for the week’s groceries as a result of the cuts.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Union representative Nick McKerrell said: “When energy bills are at breathtaking figures and we have to make real decisions about how long we keep the heating on, if at all, it means we’re not going to accept any more.

“We are taking measures because of salaries. Fair pay for all in higher education.

“We are united now and we should stay united because united action across the education trade union movement will solve this.

“The wave of strike action in education will become a tsunami that will change the way higher education works in Scotland. Solidarity.”

The government has been contacted for comment.


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