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A beautifully festive knitted letterbox cover has appeared on the letterbox outside Bradshaw Post Office.

To the delight of residents, a knitted Christmas tree – complete with ornaments, tinsel gifts and Christmas characters – found its way to the letterbox and brought festive cheer to the area.

Resident in particular, Margaret Warburton, described the knitted Christmas tree as “beautiful” and has no doubt that many others will appreciate the work.

She added that it is clear to her that many hours of work must have gone into its production.

“A big thank you to whoever made it happen,” she said. “Much appreciated.

Knitted mailbox toppers aren’t new to the neighborhood, but they always seem to lift the spirits of passers-by.

Earlier this year, Bolton Hospice decorated six letterboxes across the town as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations.

And last year a crocheted scene appeared on a letterbox in Horwich which was said to “brighten” people’s days.

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