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Pune: NCP leader and Leader of Opposition in the House Ajit Pawar is known as a fearless leader. Ajit Pawar doesn’t do that. Ajitdad’s nature is that he will speak and show what comes to his mind. Dada speaks even more openly in front of the NCP workers in Pune. Ajit Pawar lashed out at the review meeting of the city executive. “How many times have I asked for the post of home minister while in the government, but the seniors did not give me anything… They think that after giving him the post of home minister, he will not listen to us,” Ajitdada said.

The review meeting of the executive committee of the Pune City Nationalist Congress Party was concluded in the presence of the opposition leader Ajit Pawar. In his speech in this meeting, Ajit Pawar expressed his heart’s desire in front of the workers. “Whenever I became deputy chief minister, I asked seniors for the home ministership. But it was not given to me”, lamented Ajit Pawar with a smile.

“While Ajit Pawar’s speech was going on, an office bearer on the platform made some kind of demand to Dada. On this, Ajit Pawar said, everyone knows that I don’t have one in my lips and one in my stomach. I kept telling my seniors to give me the post of home minister when you are in power. But I was not given any Home Ministership… Whenever I became the Deputy Chief Minister, I was told to make Home Minister, but the seniors did not take any such decision”.

“Back during Anil Deshmukh’s time, I demanded the post of Home Minister but I was not given it even then. Even after his departure, Dilip Walse Patal was given the charge of Home Ministry. Seniors think that after giving me the charge of Home Ministry, I will not listen to them”, Ajit Pawar said, and laughter erupted in the hall.


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